Ancient Shores

Ancient Shores is a Minecraft server where we put the players first. With a friendly staff, a range of plugins & perks, we aim to keep the game fun for everyone.

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Join Crew

Checked out our server and want to join? Submit an application!

Hover over this and fill out application, copy and submit to either our Curse Network whitelist, or sign up on our forums and submit on our whitelist thread.

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Profession Classes

Each player can choose one professional class to be in, so choose wiseley.

What's your goal in Minecraft? Is your focus on making money? Do you do nothing but mine and chop wood all day? Are you perhaps you are an aspiring architect or town mayor? Get more profession information on reverse side.

Profession Information

Click on a profession to get more information and apply to join a class.

Combat & Jobs

The PVP class is a non progression-state class which any player can have 1 combat specialization along with their profession class.

Archer Assassin Battlemage
Priest Warlock

PVP, Magic & Jobs

Get more information on PVP, magic and jobs.

Donate to Server

Like the server and want to help us keep running? People who help the server by donating get special donator classes, which include new commands and perks at each rank.

Donator Information

Separate donations will stack, so say you give a $25 donation and then a week later another $25 donation you will be put into the $50 donator class.

Vote for Us!

Earn up to 105 in-game credits a day by voting for Ancient Shores! See reverse for links for our Minecraft server on 3 popular server lists.

Voting Sites

Click a link, enter you Minecraft player name and vote: PlanetMinecraft

Server Status

See reverse side for login issues.

Ancient Shores

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More Information

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From a full command list to inquiring to join our staff, changelog, or just wondering how to get in contact with us outside the game.